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    Ordinance HB6313
    Notes Notes: As of March 2, 2017 Filed with Legislative Commissioners' Office. 1/25/2016 State Senator T Kennedy Jr. plans to bring back his bag bill in the CT Joint EnvironmentCommittee in 2016 session. This would include a $0.05 fee on plastic bags until 2017, and then banning them outright in 2018.
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    Updated September 24, 2018
    Status Approved
    Status Date 03/12/2018
    Plastic Summary Requirements: 12.0 thick and Specific ID requirements
    Reusable Definition Any bag with handles that is specifically deigned and manufactured for multiple uses, minimum lifetime capacity of 125 or more uses, carry 22 or more pounds over a distance of at least 175 feet, has a minimum volume of 15 liters, made of cloth or other machine washable fabric, Shall not contain lead, cadmium, or any other heavy metal in toxic amounts. Or made of other durable material including plastic at least 12.0 thick.
    Stores Affected
    Establishment: Any operation that provides goods – including food and/or beverages – and/or services directly to consumers, with or without charge; sporadic, temporary, part- or full-time; commercial, non-profit, religious, educational, foundation-related, or governmental; whether on private, public, religious, or school property. Examples include, without limitation, grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, ...view more stores, restaurants, retail stores, farmers’ markets, school or church fund-raising activities, or other events. view less
    Comply Date 09/13/2018
    Notes 4/5/2018 Conservation Commission.Plastic Bag Ban: Searle reported the proposed ordinance passed at the March 12th RTM meeting. Although the final language of the ordinance has not yet been released, the ordinance will make the Conservation Commission responsible for its enforcement. A committee consisting of BYO, Searle, Dickinson, Sesto, and Moch was formed to work on details.
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    Updated June 07, 2018
    Status Pending
    Notes 9/24 scheduled to review at their October 1 meeting. Also want to include a ten cent charge on paper bags. 05/2018 Stamford is considering a bill to ban plastic bags and allow stores to charge 10 cents each for recyclable paper bags. While other municipalities in CT have banned plastic bags, this would be the first locality in Connecticut to also charge for paper. The bill is still being drafted but was revisited at their monthly Board of Representatives meeting on June 11 and the next meeting will be on July 9.
    Updated September 24, 2018
    Status Approved
    Status Date 09/03/2008
    Plastic Summary Requirements: 2.25 thick and Specific ID requirements.
    Paper Summary Requirements: no old growth fiber, 100% recyclable, 40% minimum of PCW and specific ID requirements.
    Reusable Definition A bag with handles that is specially designed and manufactured for multiple reuse and is (1) made of cloth or fabric and /or (2) made of durable plastic that is at least 2.25 mil thick.
    Stores Affected
    Retail sales means the transfer to a customer of goods in exchange for payment occurring in a retail store, sidewalk sales, farmers; markets, flea markets and restaurants. The term "retail sales" does not include sales of goods at yard sales, tag sales, other sales by residents at their home, and ...view more by non-profit organizations. view less
    Fees None
    Comply Date 07/01/2008
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    Updated April 20, 2012
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    Updated March 03, 2017
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